Oasis on 54th St.

Changing the landscape of urban design and development


Oasis on 54th is a modern take on the traditional urban townhouse. Vertically oriented with four carefully crafted stories, Oasis features soaring 20’ ceilings and private terraces on every level.  The iconic design creates a perfect blend of convenience, comfort, privacy, and an unmistakable connection with the outdoors.

With 80%  energy savings over conventional construction, Oasis on 54th showcases the pinnacle of building science and technology. Featuring a thoughtfully designed building envelope with continuous air, moisture, and thermal barriers; this passive home will provide health, happiness, and comfort for generations to come.



  • FLOOR PLAN: 4 Bedrooms and 4 Bathrooms
  • OUTDOOR: Private Garden, Teak Roof Decks, Terrace, and Optional Green Roof
  • EXTERIOR: Reclaimed Charred Wood Siding, Concrete Wall Panels, Anodized Aluminum
  • HEALTH: Fresh Air Ventilation, No VOC Paint, FSC Flooring, Air Renew Drywall
  • DESIGN: Solarium with 20’ Window Wall, Floating Oak Stair, Skylight, Custom Fabrication
  • KITCHEN: European Frameless Cabinets, Chef’s Island, Wood Accent Ceiling
  • EFFICIENCY: Aluminum Clad Triple Pane Windows, 12” Continuously Insulated Walls, LED Lighting with Google Home and Alexa Controls, Super Efficient Mechanicals

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Welcoming, walkable, and weathered in history. With recreational parks, the Allegheny River, and Allegheny Cemetery outdoors spaces are plentiful. Where everything is both old and new, shabby and shiny all exist side by side. From play dates to happy hours, and community driven events; Lawrenceville offers a way for singles, couples, and families to connect.

With most of the city’s major employment centers (including Downtown, the North Side, and Oakland)  just a bus ride or short commute away you can live a car-free lifestyle here, with business district that serve your every need.

photo by Matt Dayak